Where to Treat

sterilized facility

Sterile Complete® protects surfaces from bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and mildew up to a year beyond application!

Sterile Complete® is Ideal for treating:

Hospitals Medical equipment Dental offices Medical facilities
Daycares Universities Workout facilities Athletic equipment
Locker rooms Optometry offices Schools Restaurants
Nursing homes Military housing Hotels Prisons

 Sterile Complete® effectively treats:

Plastics Stone Wood
Fabric Metal Fibers
Carpet Ceramic Porous Surfaces
Indoor Outdoor Non-Porous Surfaces


Use the services of Sterile Complete® to protect all types of surfaces from germs and bacteria in just one treatment.

Plastics, fabrics, wood, metal, stone, carpet, ceramic, indoor and outdoor, porous and non-porous surfaces can be treated with the medical grade, UL certified sanitizer used by Sterile Complete® to protect medical settings like hospitals, dental offices, doctors offices, gymnasiums, locker rooms, hotels, restaurants, veterinarian hospitals and schools to provide healthier environments while preventing illness and infection.

Reduce staff absence and illness in your organization with the only FDA approved disinfectant proven to protect surfaces from germs and bacteria up to twelve months.

Most other products leave you with one option for further protection: reapplication. Reapplication means more product and more resources. The unique application provided by Sterile Complete® creates a strong, secure bond that protects all types of surfaces and can even become more effective over time.

Sterile Complete® makes workplaces safer by protecting against infection using technology that reduces the presence of microbes in lab and real world tests on any surface.

See results from real world tests!

Using a non-toxic, UL-certified disinfectant, we protect surfaces in all environments.