Testimonials below provided by those who recommend using sanitizing technology applied by Sterile Complete®


Testimonials Sterile Technology Chicago White Sox

“..we felt that it was necessary to protect the high touch, high traffic areas within our stadium where the public, administration, staff and particularly the athletes could be subject to harmful infectious bacteria including fungus, mold, mildew that could cause them to experience sickness and loss of production. Through my investigation, your product is far superior to what else is on the market..”

“After fourteen months of heavy use, we continue to show very low readings with the ATP meter in the areas that have been treated. …we continue to have no cases of Staph or MRSA cross contamination.

I could not be happier with the product as it’s certainly working as advertised.

We are very satisfied with the results that we have seen and would recommend your product to anyone considering this form of long lasting protection for their company or organization.”

-Senior Director of Stadium Operations
Chicago White Sox



Testimonials Sterile Arizona Diamondbacks

“We are encouraged by the results that have been provided to us this year, and are pleased to know that our players, coaches, support staff and other-related staff members are provided a work environment that protects them throughout the season..

I highly recommend your product to anyone that may be considering this form of protection in their facilities..”

-Vice President, Ballpark Operations
Arizona Diamondbacks


“We had been experiencing a high loss of work with various medical problems with our twenty staff workers at the office. We felt we had to do something. It has been a month… we have not lost a sick day with any employee. We are exceptionally pleased.”

- Jack Ruby, D.D.S.


“..as an ophthalmologist in private practice, I was very concerned about the health and safety of my patients and staff.We are a very busy doctor’s office, seeing hundreds of patients each week. It is important to help provide protection against the spread of harmful bacteria, such as MRSA, staph, etc. That is why we took the necessary precautions, and incorporated the recommendations made… we now have a much more sterile office overall. It gives us great peace of mind knowing that we are doing all we can to protect our patients and staff from the spread of potentially dangerous infection.”

- John Bello, M.D.


Sterilizing University of Notre Dame
“With the athletic world facing many challenges on a daily basis, we felt it was necessary to be proactive on our fight against harmful bacteria such as MRSA and staph. We do not have time to fight an unnecessary battle with such outbreaks and we wanted to take any possible precaution that we could. I would highly recommend your product… to anyone looking to be on the cutting edge…”

- Ryan Grooms, Head Football Equipment Manager, Notre Dame


“..we decided that the right thing to do was use the best practice and effective way to protect our staff, members, and guests 24/7..it only made sense. We know now we have acted responsibly, and greatly reduced the chance of anyone in the building catching or spreading infectious bacteria..”

“It’s refreshing to know, that finally in this day and age, there is something available, instead of just disinfectants that last more than just a few minutes or a few hours.”

- David L. Nydegger, Chief Executive Officer, Oceanside Chamber of Commerce


“After putting a single coat…on the metallic door handle, no microorganism could be isolated…”

- Dr. Sunil Sharma MD, Sr. Consultant, Clinical Microbiology


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