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Sterile Complete® uses technology proven in lab and real world tests to eliminate germ and bacterial growth and can even become more effective over time.=

Test Results

Field test have measured the presence of microbes on high-traffic bacteria hosts such as athletic equipment, doorknobs, nursery toys, restaurant itemss, atms, shopping carts and commercial airplanes.

The average area testing protocols involved a Hygiena SystemSure Plus ATP meter measuring adenosine triphosphate or microbes. Microbial contamination contains ATP. The ranges are as follows:

0-100=CLEAN, 101-200=Marginal, 201 and higher= In need of sanitation.

Various bacteria hostsSterilization test for bacteria_swab results

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Food/Medical area testing protocols involved a Hygiena SystemSure Plus ATP meter measuring adenosine triphosphate. Microbial contamination contains ATP.

0-90=CLEAN, 91-115= Marginal, 116 and higher= In need of sanitation.

Fast food tableSterilizing Test Fast Food Table

Bathroom doorSterilizing Bathroom door sterilizing test results

Athletic equipmentSterilizing technology gym sterilizing test results

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Laboratory results showing effectiveness against staphylococcus aureus:

Green Sterilization effective against staph


Studies on the technology used to protect surfaces by Sterile Complete® continues to reveal its powerful and environmentally friendly strength in protecting surfaces against microbial growth like fungi, viruses, bacteria and mold and business from illness and infection for up to one year.

Eliminate absence and protect against germs and bacteria at work all day!

Onsite consultation includes testing with ATP meter for microbe presence.

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Data revealed through tests by Sterile Doctor® and compiled from field and lab tests.