Non-Toxic Technology

Protecting surfaces has never been easier!

Use this innovative, chemical-free solution to reduce illness and disease and prevent microbial growth on surfaces for up to twelve months.

Sterile Complete® treats surfaces in our three-step process that disinfects, protects and polymerizes with surfaces, creating a new layer of antimicrobial protection.

How it Works

We employ bio-static technology to create a safe bond with all types of surfaces to protect against contagious germs and bacteria.

Our three-step process uses solutions safe enough for direct human contact and gentle enough for nurseries, maternity wards and expensive medical equipment.

Sterilze Medical Equipment Green Sterilization Safe sterilization for nurseries

We provide facilities GREEN protection using non-corrosive, non-leaching, UL and E.P.A. certified, non-toxic technology to reduce illness and infection for up to one year with just one treatment.


Every organism consists of electrons that make up its cell wall and carries an electrical charge. The charges of a molecule can bond and interact with others in a shared environment.

Sterile Complete® prevents microbial growth by using the natural charge of an organism to control and disrupt the flow of other organisms’ cell walls.

Element showing germs and bacteria breaking on surface treated by Sterile Complete

The continuous protection provides an active barrier of defense against viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, algae and spores by disabling cell walls and leaving organisms broken and unable to live or multiply.

The innovative treatment applied by Sterile Complete® does not weaken as it continues to work and can even become more effective over time!

Be on the cutting edge of advanced sanitizing technology!


Use Sterile Complete® to protect all types of surfaces from germs and bacteria in just one treatment:

Plastics, fabrics, wood, metal, stone, carpet, ceramic, indoor and outdoor, porous and non-porous surfaces can all be treated with medical grade, UL certified sanitizing solution applied by Sterile Complete®.

Protect medical settings like hospitals, dental offices, doctors offices, gymnasiums and locker rooms, hotels, restaurants, veterinarian hospitals and schools and provide healthier environments while preventing illness and infection.

If you are seeking a non-toxic solution for your organization that provides infection control that cannot be surpassed, use Sterile Complete® to treat your business.

Our use of green technology makes us the go-to sanitation service for facilities all of kinds.

Safe for surfaces, medical equipment and the environment.

Many products try to drowning microorganisms with chemicals, emitting vapors into the air. Sterile Complete® uses only GREEN technology to keep environments clean, indoor and out, while protecting people from bacteria and harsh chemicals.

Sterile Complete® provides superior protection that is completely safe and GREEN.

Product Use & Maintenance

We use a unique application process that employs electromagnetic forces to protect surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals.

Surfaces are completely disinfected in step one of our unique sanitation process to ensure the cleanest possible surface for the strongest bond possible. The life of a treated surface depends on a number of factors, where abrasion may shorten the life of the protection and caustic cleaners with a ph level >10.5 may also shorten the life of a treatment.

Be freed from expensive, chemical based solutions that do nothing to prevent future growth!

Normal cleaning is required to keep surfaces free from dirt and debris. This enables the cleaning power applied in step two, free to attack microorganisms and defeat infection, illness, and disease. The use of other cleaning solutions will not compromise the integrity of the treatment and is not required to provide protection against illness and infection caused by germs, bacteria and viruses. Just keep surfaces free from dirt and dust, and germs and bacteria have no chance against the protection provided by Sterile Complete®.

The active ingredients of the disinfectant are its silicon base and the natural bonding agents in nitrogen to create a strong, long-lasting barrier, killing germs on contact for over one year. Safer environments are created to protect against touch contamination, illness and infection with just one application.

Avoid illness and prevent your surfaces from hosting to infectious bacteria.

Eliminate the growth of more resistant germs and attack them structurally.

Defeat contamination for up to one year with services from Sterile Complete®.

Use services from Sterile Complete® to take charge against infection and disease today!