How it Works


Our unique three-step process applies an atomized disinfectant over every surface in a treated room evenly.

Bacteria and viruses are killed with an EPA registered, odorless disinfectant, safe enough for use on high-tech equipment.

Distributing the green disinfectant through this method is effective against cross contamination that can result from traditional cleaning methods. Indicator strips confirm coverage in hard to see and reach places where bacteria are effectively destroyed with an innovative and powerful surface disinfectant.

Atomized sanitizer disinfects
Bacteria is locked out Surfaces are completely protected
Disintect rooms of surface pathogens Applying sterile treatment Preteat surfaces for superior protection

Once surfaces are freed from germs and bacteria they are armed with the ongoing protection provided by step two of our complete sanitation process. Disease and infection are reduced with a non-toxic, EPA certified, green sanitizing technology that can last up to one year and inhibits the growth of microbes.

Protecting surfaces has never been easier than with the use of this innovative, chemical-free solution proven to reduce illness and disease by preventing microbe growth on surfaces for up to twelve months.

We use a unique application process that employs electromagnetic forces to protect surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals.


Element showing germs and bacteria breaking on surface treated by Sterile Complete

Antimicrobial Technology At Work

Every microbe consists of electrons making up its cell wall that carries an electrical charge. These charges can bond and interact with other organisms in a shared environment. Sterile Complete® reduces infection by preventing microbial growth on surfaces using natural chemistry.

The molecular charge of a surface treated by Sterile Complete® controls and disrupts the flow of ions in an organisms’ cell wall. The continuous protection provides an active barrier of defense against many viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi, algae and spores that disables cell walls and leaves the organism broken and unable to live or multiply.

The innovative treatment applied by Sterile Complete® does not weaken as it continues to work and can even become more effective over time.


Sterile Complete® protects surfaces and the environment using non-corrosive, non-leaching, UL- certified and E.P.A. certified non-toxic technology while reducing germs and contamination on surfaces for up to a year.

Many products try drowning microorganisms with chemicals, emitting vapors into the air. Sterile Complete® uses GREEN technology, keeping environments clean, while reducing infection without the use of harsh chemicals.

Sterile Complete® provides superior protection that is completely safe and GREEN.

Avoid illness and prevent surfaces from hosting infectious bacteria!

Medical facilities that can be sterilized using Sterile Complete's services
Sterile Complete® uses an E.P.A. certified, non-toxic disinfectant that creates safer environments while reducing bacterial growth for up to twelve months. We use science to protect against germs and bacteria with technology that does not need harsh chemicals to do the work.


Apply medical grade sanitizing technology that breaks cell walls on contact and eliminates the threat of super-bugs using natural chemistry. Sterile Complete® services leave bacteria with no chance of evolving into stronger, more resistant bacteria because it breaks cells at their wall on contact and disables the power to produce or survive. Treating surfaces with Sterile Complete® is the positive way to use advanced technology that protects surfaces from germs that does not weaken as it works.


Sterile Complete® applies a colorless, odorless polymer to surfaces using a positively charged silane based solution that is extremely efficient for bonding. The newly formed surface layer protects against germs using its own positive molecular charge to disrupt the flow of organisms’ cell walls, shocking and destroying them on contact.

One application from Sterile Complete® destroys germs using chemistry, not chemicals so the disinfecting power is not exhausted each time it works. The electrically charged molecules continue to pierce cell walls as organisms come into contact with the newly formed antimicrobial surface.

Create safer environments to protect against touch contamination, illness and infection with just one application from Sterile Complete®. The silicon base disinfectant uses the natural bonding agents of the active ingredient, nitrogen, to create a strong, long-lasting barrier that destroys germs on contact for up to one year.

Defeat contamination with services from Sterile Complete® and provide continuous protection against viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and algae for up to one year!

Product Use & Maintenance

Treatment provides surfaces with germ killing power that can become covered with dirt and dead microbes. Surfaces need to be freed from debris in order to maintain its full protecting power. However, further treatment to eliminate bacteria and germs is not necessary. Sterile Complete® provides complete antimicrobial protection that frees your organization from illness and infection without the use of expensive, chemical based solutions for up to one year.

Sterile Complete® uses technology that is completely safe for direct contact with skin and has no harmful effects on the environment. We provide a non-toxic and non-leaching solution that does not need to emit or dissipate in order to be effective. Environments are sanitized safely without the use of chemicals and without producing fumes.

Sterile Complete® tests surfaces for microorganisms during a free, on-site consultation. Testing one small surface area, we determine the presence of microbes and apply a test patch to the area. A follow up is scheduled to retest for microbial growth and results are provided.

Call Sterile Complete® to take charge against infection in your business today!