How does Sterile Complete® work?

Our unique three-step process protects against illness and infection. First, Sterile Clean is used for heavily soiled areas. Then, we apply a solution of hydrogen and silver to reach even hard to reach places in a room, covering every inch. Finally, we then apply an all-natural, non-toxic sanitizing technology to disinfected surfaces protecting against future germ growth.

A strong bond creates a layer of protection, destroying germs on contact at the cell wall. Because the disinfectant breaks a cell’s wall mechanically, the protecting power is not lost as it works and antimicrobial technology  continues to attack cell walls, providing healthy, green environments for up to one year without the use of chemicals. Germ-free environments make healthy customers and employees, keeping your organization working well.

What is the difference between Sterile Complete® and other disinfectants on the market?

Other sanitizers on the market poison cells to kill germs. Nature leaves bacteria an opportunity to evolve and germs to grow into stronger, more resistant bacteria. The technology applied by Sterile Complete® breaks the cycle eliminating the need for stronger chemical solutions to kill stronger bugs by destroying cell walls mechanically. This makes it impossible for germs to evolve. Our GREEN process provides a clean environment and leaves illness, infection and chemicals behind!

What can an application from Sterile Complete® do for me?

Not only will the relief of knowing your institution is protected benefit you, decreased employee absence and healthy customers will benefit business. A strong workforce and a germ-free workplace mean increased productivity and a type of insurance for your business added to the benefits of switching to an innovative, superior GREEN sanitizing technology. Save money while protecting your business without the use of chemicals.

Is there any proof that Sterile Complete® services work?

The products applied by Sterile Complete® have been thoroughly tested and approved as E.P.A. certified, non-toxic disinfecting technology. Research has shown results that reduce the presence of microbes successfully for up to one year, sometimes becoming more effective as time progresses.

What are the negative effects on the skin and environment?

None! Because this technology uses natural chemistry to attack microbes on a physical level, the environment is spared from harsh chemicals often used in most conventional cleaners. In order to provide a safe and sterile setting, this green technology guarantees a reduction of poisonous chemicals in the air, water and within treated environments. Non-toxic, E.P.A. certification means direct contact with the skin and treated surfaces poses NO adverse effects to your employees or patients.

How long does the treatment last?

We apply sanitizing technology using electrically charged particles for the strongest possible bond that will last for up to one year. Abrasion may eventually wear the treatment and normal cleaning is required to keep surfaces free from debris so the sanitizing technology is free to beat germs and bacteria effectively upon contact. Further disinfecting or sanitization is not required to maintain a healthy, safe environment.

Why is this antimicrobial service so durable?

Basically, we use technology with the strongest possible bond to adhere with surfaces for long-lasting, antimicrobial, GREEN disinfecting power. There are four types of forces in physics when it comes to particle interaction, electromagnetism being the strongest of forces. Electrically charged particles interact with each other to form the strong chemical bond. The new polymer layer is effective in maintaining a healthy and safe, sanitized environment for up to one year, reducing employee illness and creating safer environments for your patients and customers.