ConsultationHospital hallway
Sterile Complete® evaluates your organization with a free initial consultation. We test for the presence of microorganisms and provide you with the results. The size of your organization determines the cost of service.


Tiles surfacesPre-treatment
Sterile Complete® pre-treats surfaces to free from dirt and debris before applying antimicrobial protection. Sterile Complete® uses innovative technology to bond with surfaces to form a strong, long-lasting bond. Pre-treatment prepares surfaces for the most effective treatment, completely eliminating germs in hard to reach places on surfaces before treating them with the powerful germ-fighting substrate.
We coat surfaces using an advanced application technique that forms a new layer of antimicrobial protection. The non-toxic solution has active ingredients that are natural elements and bond with the elements of a treated surface. The treatment polymerizes with surfaces to provide long-lasting protection against infection and disease fighting bacteria upon contact.


Green application for safe sterilizationAfter Treatment
In a short period following the treatment, a new layer of protection solidifies with surfaces and they are ready to use. Sterile Complete® uses E.P.A. certified, non-toxic technology that is completely safe to the touch and is not harmful if swallowed. Sterile Complete® is safe for nurseries, maternity wards and food establishments.

Cleaning treated surfaces does not compromise the antimicrobial protection provided by Sterile Complete®. Surfaces can be cleaned to remove dirt and debris, but surfaces are protected against bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, fungi, and algae after one treatment by Sterile Complete®. For up to one year, leave the worry of germs and bacterial contamination behind.


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