Sterile Complete® uses an innovative three-step process to eliminate and protect surfaces against the presence of microbes in all environments. Using a non-chemical based disinfectant, Sterile Complete® eliminates the presence of germs, using silver and hydrogen peroxide particles. Treating a room with a disinfectant before applying the revolutionary germ-fighting protection enables workplaces to eliminate illness and infection for up to one year!

Disinfect with atomized sanitizer Lock out pathogens with treatment
Leave surfaces completely protected
Disintect rooms of surface pathogens Applying sterile treatment Preteat surfaces for superior protection

Sterile Complete® uses microbiology to attack germs, so there is no need to use chemicals.

After surfaces are completely disinfected, Sterile Complete® applies a colorless, odorless polymer to surfaces that provides antimicrobial protection for long-lasting protection against infection and illness using natural chemistry.

Sterile Complete® uses E.P.A. certified, non-toxic, environmentally safe technology to protect surfaces against viruses, mold, bacteria and fungal growth for up to twelve months without the use of harsh chemicals. Pretreating surfaces enables the strongest bond possible and treated surfaces can even show increased efficiency as time progresses.

Conventional sanitizing products use chemicals to quickly drown or poison organisms in order to clean the surface. Sterile Complete® protects surfaces using natural chemistry to prevent microbial growth and keeps air, water and lungs safe with superior, non-toxic technology.

Sterile Complete® protects:

Hospitals Universities Nursing Homes
Dental Offices Daycares Hotels
Optometry Offices Athletic Facilities Prisons
Veterinary Offices Locker Rooms Restaurants
Schools Gymnasiums Public Transportation

Sterile Complete® can treat:

Plastics Stone Wood
Fabric Metal Fibers
Carpet Ceramic Porous Surfaces
Indoor Outdoor Non-Porous Surfaces


Treatment provides surfaces with germ killing power that can become covered with dirt and dead microbes. Surfaces need to be free from debris and dirt in order to maintain its full protecting power, however, further efforts to eliminate bacteria and germs is not necessary. Sterile Complete® provides complete antimicrobial protection that frees your organization from illness and infection without the use of expensive, chemical based solutions for up to one year.


Save money using totally GREEN technology! Reduce employee absence up to one year!
Improve your business and protect your customers!