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  • Hospitals
  • Dental Offices
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  • Healthcare Facilities
  • sterilize athletic facilities
    Athletic Facilities
  • Optometry Offices
  • disinfect locker rooms
    Locker Rooms
  • Medical Facilities

Protect surfaces from germs for up to one year!

Surfaces provide a place for germs to live and multiply. When surfaces are touched, germs are spread in touch contamination.

Drowning bacteria in chemicals may clean surfaces but leave them with no cleaning power. The next person to touch the surface begins to transfer germs again.

green sterilization hospital strength

Sterile Complete® protects surfaces with GREEN antimicrobial technology. We protect surfaces from future germ growth for up to one year.

We use technology that kills germ cells on contact.

Traditional cleaning transfers germs over surfaces and does nothing to prevent future germ growth. 

sterilize public places

Antibacterial wipes need 10 minutes to saturate and kill germs effectively! Not leaving surfaces wet for 10 minutes gives germs the chance to grow stronger.

Why use harsh chemicals when they do nothing to prevent future germ growth?

Sterile Complete® treats surfaces with technology that continues to work naturally. We eliminate the chance for germs to grow with technology that attacks cells mechanically.

Germs and bacteria breaking on surface treated by Sterile Complete

Microbes are disabled on physical contact and germs’ cell walls are destroyed. This protects against future germ growth and eliminates germs from growing stronger.

Conventional cleaning only leaves the option of reapplication for protection. 

Sterile Complete® protects against illness without harmful chemicals. Using our GREEN cleaning service protects against infection without hurting the environment.

Sterile Complete® protects most surfaces:

Plastics Stone Wood
Fabric Metal Fibers
Carpet Ceramic Porous Surfaces
Indoor Outdoor Non-Porous Surfaces

sterilize surfaces medical strength

Sterile Complete® treats a variety of facilities:

Hospitals Universities Nursing Homes
Dental Offices Daycares Hotels
Optometry Offices Athletic Facilities Prisons
Veterinary Offices Locker Rooms Restaurants
Schools Gymnasiums Public Transportation

Free your budget from expensive chemicals!

Reduce employee absence and protect your business!

Fight germs for up to twelve months!